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New Addition: Dairy Farm

Another new addition to Farmville last night. Now you can store up to 20 cows in your dairy, and have it milk them for you. The dairy costs either 10,000 coins or 20 dollars, and takes one day to milk your cows. You can sell it for 500 coins, and you’ll get 100 XP when purchased.



Do note however, that when you put your cows in there, their completed level will all drop back to 0%, so it’s best to wait until right after you’ve collected their milk before throwing them in there.

Farmville makers Zynga also claim that more similar buildings will be coming soon!


Cheat: Harvest and Collect Faster

By now everyone probably knows this little cheat. It’s simple enough, but will save you plenty of time when you run out of Farmville fuel. As you may have seen, your farmer cannot climb over anything, so you can use this to exploit a weakness in the game, which means you do not have to walk around the farm going to each individual plot – thus allowing you more time to spend stalking people on Facebook!

All you need to do is find out where your farmer starts when you load the game – a simple way is to visit someone else’s farm and then return to your own. Then put bales all around this area, like the picture below. If you start among your animals like I do, you can fence them into a nice little square, using the Whitewash Fences.

Harvest Faster

Harvest Faster

Voila, you’re done. Now you won’t spend ages walking from plot to plot while harvesting.