Item Info: Mystery Box Gifts

By now, you may have tried to purchase one of the new Mystery Gift Boxes on Farmville. However, you may not know exactly what you’re getting for that hard-earned fifteen dollars. Well, I’m here to help.

Red Bike

Red Bike

The table below will tell you how much XP you get for each mystery gift, as well as its potential resale value (although I’m not sure exactly why you’d actually want to sell it on after paying so much!)

Item XP Gained Resale Price
Country Picnic Table 60 XP 300 Coins
Fire Pit 80 XP 400 Coins
Golden Gnome 200 XP 1,000 Coins
Hot Tub 200 XP 1,000 Coins
Lounge Chair 50 XP 300 Coins
Red Bike 30 XP 150 Coins
Striped Rest Tent 60 XP 300 Coins
Tree Swing 150 XP 650 Coins

New Addition: Mystery Boxes

Today (October 21st), Zynga, the creators of Facebook’s Farmville added another new feature to the Market.

Mystery Box

Mystery Box

Mystery Boxes can be bought for $15, and contain items that cannot be purchased or received through any other means. Unfortunately, all these items are decorative i.e. there’s no special animal or tree that can be harvested.

After buying the Mystery Box, you can choose to either leave it as is – a decoration in itself – or open it to find the goodies within.

Here’s a list of the known Mystery Box gifts so far:

  • red bicycle
  • striped rest chair
  • lounge chair
  • picnic table with tablecloth
  • fire pit
  • tree with swing
  • hot tub
  • golden gnome

If you see or find any other Mystery Gifts, please comment and we’ll add them to the list.

Mystery Box in Market

Mystery Box in Market

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